Brody Public Relations is a full service agency that works with clients who are making a difference in the world. From caring for the environment, to promoting public health and safety, to seeking justice for underserved groups, Brody PR loves working with clients who have a greater cause to promote.


  • "To say thank you for the instantaneous and extensive efforts you undertook on behalf of our association related to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks is simply an incredible understatement. The amount of media coverage and awareness you generated for us was nothing short of astonishing."

    Marc Bradshaw

    Former President, International Association of Professional Security Consultants
  • "I just had to write you and tell you what a tremendous response we have had to our latest newsletter. People just think it is fabulous. Our co-founder was here today and could not stop talking about it."

    Sharyn Church

    Deputy Director, Inner-City Arts
  • "I hire Joanna to work with all of my clients who want PR for their associations. She makes me look good because her work is so good. She always knows exactly what's appropriate for each client and works within the budget, large or small."

    Norma Fox

    Executive Director, Forensic Expert Witness Association